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Check it out

Just posted some pictures in the gallery – the market in Gemena.  Check them out.

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Same old …

In some ways coming back to the same old life with the same old problems is tougher than going off to the Congo where everyone anticipates problems. Today we are back dealing with major kid problems. And then yesterday there were family issues. And there is work stuff to deal with. It is hard to see where God is in all of this, even though I know he is here and never deserts us. But it sure is hard to see the way ahead sometimes!

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Losing independance?

Last night we had a family meeting – one of those family meetings where some tough decisions had to be made.  My aunt, who broke her leg about a month ago, is facing some major changes in the way she lives her life.  She has a very limited income and has almost a compulsion to give what little she has away.  She is easy prey to certain people who take advantage of her generosity and inability to say “no”.  I understand her too well.  I am tough when I am being taken advantage of but it is easy to feel like others needs are my responsibility when I see people in need too. 

So last night we talked about how we can best help her to make some changes to her life style.  Age is not always kind and there are many things she has to deal with – slower healing, a poorer memory, loss of the ability to drive and so loss of a lot of independance. 

Fortunately, she is recovering from her broken leg now in a wonderful care home.  This is making the transition easier in some ways since she can see that this place is a good place to be.  She still needs to make the final decisions herself – she is still capable of that.  We just have to be there for her, guarding her best interests, supporting her.  It is time for us to give back to her.  We are praying that she will have a real sense of peace about her place and her future.

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