Got a bug, I think.

So here I am back in the land of computers and it seems as if ours has gotten infected with some bug that may be worse than anything I could have picked up in the Congo.  We have virus protection and all but it seems as if something has gotten through.  so I am going to be spending a whole lot of time backing up what I can and then we’ll have to see if we can clear things up.  So meanwhile, I will try and post from the office.  But my postings may be scarce for a few days. 

In any case, with the wedding coming up on the week end, and me being the brides witness, I will be rather short on free time anyway.  There will be time to tell stories though, I promise, in the weeks to come.

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  1. Toni

    Do you keep seeing pop-ups? What are the symptoms? I’ll see what I can find out by way of fix.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, we get some pop ups but most annoying is that the usual home page has been changed and it won’t go back to the home page we want.

  3. Toni

    There are several things you can do.

    First is, if you have windows XP or ME then run s ‘System restore’ to a restore point before you went on holiday. (go start/help/system restore).

    If you don’t have system restore then do the following. Actually you might do these anyway.

    Download and install ‘adaware’ and ‘spybot’ (both free)

    After you’ve installed (from a fresh boot) then restart the computer in safe mode (hold either F8 or F1 while the machine boots). Run them, adaware first, then spybot. Delete everything that they find, then check back here (or email me) if it didn’t fix it.

    Finally, an absolute must – stop using internet explorer. Move to either Opera or Mozilla firefox ( or Both are faster than IE, but more importantly, both are much more versatile and secure.

    Hopefully that will sort things.

  4. Linea


    Thanks for the help. I will do the above and let you know How I fare.

  5. Toni

    Hi Linea, did that sort things, or is there more to do?