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And Home Again

Today we should be leaving the Congo.  We fly Kinshasa – Paris – Toronto – Saskatoon.  Then back on the road up to Prince Albert.  Then jet lag sets in again. 

Not looking forward to the airport in Kinshasa.  As I remember it, it is dirty, hot and a good place to get robbed.  No nice food courts.  In fact if the flight is going to be a good one it would be safer not to eat there at all.  There would only be food from sidewalk vendors I would think.  I do not have good memories of Kinshasa airport.  I don’t suppose civil war has improved the airport any. 

It will be good to get back home.  I am sure we will be missing all of our friends.  I know I will be glad to get back to Leo again!  Next blogging should be done from our home computer.

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