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The last leg of the journey

Today we should be flying down to Kinshasa, the capital of the country.  A huge sprawling city of umpteen millions. Most of those people are unemployed, live in poverty or scrounge for a living.  And there are also people at the other end of the economic spectrum – the very wealthy. 

The one thing that is striking about cities like Kinshasa to NorthAmericans are the walls.  All yards, except of the poor are walled.  High walls with shards of glass or spiles on the tops.  And every walled yard has it’s guard at the gate.

My girls should be able to spend a few days getting reaquainted with some of their birthfamily.  These may be emotional days.  Pray for Sara and Grace.

I will also be renewing acquaintences with a dental friend – Dr. Kasuku and his wife who is a final year dental student.  Dr. Kasuku came up to Karawa to spend time with me before he opened the clinic down in Kinshasa for the church.  He was teachable.  He didn’t know much about the actual practice of dentistry – like how to do a filling – but he was willing to learn, even from the guys I had trained who were not “real dentists”.  That kind of humility was, to say the least, uncommon among the educated elite.

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