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Live update, from Linea

This just came in today from Linea:

The past two weeks here at Karawa have gone too quickly.  I have been so
busy that I haven’t even had time to think about how much I miss being able
to blog.  Actually, it is like living on another planet.  Work here starts
at 7 and they work through with no break till 2 and then are done.  It gets
a bit long for me with nothing to eat or drink but they are used to only
eating one main meal a day so it works out well for them.  I learned to
take along a bottle of water.

After 2 I eat, then a short siesta.  Then it is almost like I am sort of
visiting personality – I receive visitors till about 7.  They just keep
coming.  Some is talk about problems I need to help them with at the
hospital.  So I listen and although I have no real say I give them my
advice – for what it is worth.  Yesterday afternoon we were talking through
the problem that one of the students I trained deserted his place of
work.  He also took off with a lot of the instruments and then was invited
by the medical co-ordinator to attend the course I gave.  Needless to say
it caused a few questions of the hospital administration and of Songo who
is the longest serving dental therapist.  So we were dealing with that.

They have a local FM station on the mission so last night after I finished
receiving visitors, I had to spend half an hour talking on the radio.  Most
of what we talked about was dental health issues.  That was a first for
me.  Fortunately, I remember most of my Lingala so that is the language we
used.  More people speak that than French.  The radio is a useful tool for
getting information out.  It is something we didn’t have when we were here.

Tomorrow we will be on the road again – back to Gemena.  Then down to
Kinshasa on Tuesday.  I think the time there will pass quickly.  There are
people I am supposed to see to see if we can get dental health issues
covered in the health project funds.  And the personal things we need to do
will take time too.

I do look forward to a nice long hot shower again.  Half of our time here
we have had no water.  Part of the time we have had no electricity.  By the
end of the hot and humid day if there is no water for showers – we have a
serious problem.  I have taken a complete shower in less than a gallon of
water!  Not only that but if one leans over a bucket while showering there
is some water collected with which one can flush the toilet.

Hopefully I can get access to the internet in Kinshasa.  Otherwise I have
not has access to my e-mail other than through the Gustafson’s or Jacques.

I miss all of you.  I will have lots to tell you when I get back.  My
journal is fairly full.

Greet everyone at church.  Tell them all thanks for their prayers.


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After Karawa

I should be returning to Gemena this weekend.  I am not sure what the day will be – probably Monday or Sunday pm.  This will be a road trip.  It is about 80 Kms from Karawa to Gemena.  Back in the good old days when the roads were really well maintained we could do this in a little under 2 hours.  Now – who knows.

I hope I have been able to send out some e-mails over the past few weeks for Randall to post to this blog.  If there are none then something prevented me from sending e-mails.  It is a very untechnical world out there in the jungle where there are no phones to speak of.

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