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Moving on

On Monday I will begin giving the courses which I prepared for the guys I trained back in the days we lived at Karawa.  It is hard to know what is relevant so I will follow up on any specific requests for info as I can.  I’m sure we will talk about many things besides dentistry too.  Some of the dental topics we are going to be doing are infection control, manifestations of diseases of the mouth, local anesthesia techniques, and some different restorative techniques. 

Songo sent me a message that he ahs a couple of difficult cases he wants me to see.  I hope I am up to doing whatever they need.  Difficult cases out there could mean surgical stuff that I haven’t done for years. 

I also want to work through a few topics with them on spiritual issues.  One of the things that I am happy about is that all the guys that I taught are alive.  As far as I know not one of them has developed AIDS – and they have remained respected leaders in the community.  That may seem like it should be a given but since we left, many of the nurses and leaders at the hospital have died.  Aids is a big killer in a promiscuous culture – and it is that.  I spent a lot of time with these guys as I was training them – pretty much one on one for a period of two years at a time.  Although I did not specifically teach them Biblical subjects while they were getting their dental training we would discuss Christian ethics and moral values.  And I tried to hold them to certain standards of honesty and respect for the patients.  It will be very good to hear their faith stories.

I should be at Karawa teaching and working until July 10.

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