Crossing over

If you have been following my travels, you will know that today is the day I should be flying by small plane to Gemena.  An SIL plane will come down from Cameroon and fly us across the border into the Congo.  The border between the Congo and the Central African Republic is officially closed.  So we get around that by flying over and entering at Gemena. 

The mission in Bangui has a guest house where we will be staying.  I have fond memories of staying there in the past.  It was a sort of vacation spot since we lived in the “bush” and Bangui is a city with stores and in those days restaurants.  It has gone through a few civil uprisings so may not be exactly as I remember it. 

One memory I have is taking our children to a restuarant and having David order a steak – well done.  The chef made a trip out to our table and appologised but he just could not do that to a steak. 

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  1. Sharon

    Though you most likely won’t read this, it feels good just to say I’m communicating with you today. Trusting in the Lord’s protection, and his joy to come upon all of you in these days.