Another overnighter in the plane.  Saves on hotel accommodations!  The only trouble is that our clocks will not have had time to adjust and we will be landing in Bangui at about midnight Saskatchewan time.  We will be craving sleep and everyone will just be getting up bright and chipper to start the day. 

We will not only be fighting sleep but will undergo a serious shock to our thermometers.  From the air conditioning of the plane we will step into the steam bath tropics of central Africa.  I can almost feel it hitting me as I write this from my naturally cooled home in Saskatchewan on this rainy morning. 

Greg, who returned not long ago from Africa tells me that I may be surprised at the airport.  I guess most of the glass was shot out in the last uprising in the Central African Republic.  It was not a bad airport back in the days – pre 1991.  I guess airports fare poorly in wars.

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