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Leaving on a jet plane

This is it.  I’m off to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  We catch a plane out of Saskatoon at 10am and travel via Toronto to Paris.  Will arrive in Paris on Saturday morning.    I guess the only problem will be that it won’t really be Saturday morning for us.  We’ll be missing 7 hours of good old sleep.  Oh well.  We’ll try to stay awake by doing a tiny bit of sightseeing in Paris.  Then we get on another plane Saturday night and arrive in Bangui in the Central African Republic (neighboring on the north western border of the Congo) on Sunday morning. 

We are not traveling light.  We have four big cases full of dental supplies and each of us has a trunk with our personal stuff plus.  I expect we’ll find the baggage handling easier on our way back.  We DO NOT intend to bring back empty cases.  Someone will make good use of them in the Congo.

The biggest hassle we expect will be the red tape of getting dental supplies through customs and through airport security.  I would appreciate any prayers you are willing to offer up to God on our behalf.

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