Daily Archives: June 16, 2004

Some sort of flu bug seems to have gotten to me.  I ache and alternately shiver and sweat. 

But today has been too busy to take much time to be sick.  Gatecrashers then breakfast with Randall.  Then banking.  Then a fun chore – choosing flowers for the upcoming wedding of my friend and lunch with her.  Leo did not want to be left out so he met me in mid-afternoon for coffee.  Good thing I do not have the stomach flu! 

Since I am going to be away – far away, with no internet access, Randall has agreed to post some things that I e-mail him to my blog here.  So I hope I can keep you updated on happenings in the Congo at least weekly. 

I have also post dated some entries that will keep you in touch with my location and sort of what I think I will be doing. 

Not sure I will get to post anything tomorrow.  There are a few chores to finish and then in the evening my kids are all (all but one) coming over for supper. 

We are just about gone….

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