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Trouble Abrewing?

Just as we are preparing to leave for the Congo, trouble breaks out there again.  Rumors of an attempted coup.  Fighting in Bukavu and the UN support people pulled out of Kinshasa after rioting. 

Still I have a strong sense that God is taking me back there.  The trouble is far from Equateur province.  But we had planned to travel down to and leave the country by Kinshasa.  That is where the girls have birthfamily.  It is the only part of the trip I am nervous about.  Not sure what will happen.  Changing our tickets would also involve getting another visa for RCA since we are transiting to the Congo from there on a single entry visa.  There is no time left to apply here for a change of visa.

I need really clear guidance about this part of the trip.  Writing in the sky would be acceptable! 

Seriously, I would appreciate prayers.

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