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Reasonable, rational, definately not fanatics!

Pentecost Sunday is not far behind us. Trinity Sunday was another reminder of the part of the Holy Spirit in the Godhead.   Maggie Dawn linked to emergent kiwi who sounds like he had a real fire blazing down in NZ on Pentecost Evening.  Aside from the neat pyrotechnics which he devised, I really liked his story of Pentecost and what it needs to mean to us.  How we all have the Spirit available to us and need to be empowered by Him.

And Randall wonders if part of the discontent of “postmodern” with the “moderns” is the lack of believing in a God of power.  I think that there is a lot to that idea.  There was a lot of emphasis on knowing a rational God, proving his existence by all sorts of wonderful archeological discoveries and using mathematical probabilities(which to an anti- mathematician don’t come across as impressive, just confusing).  We didn’t speak much of God really moving among us in power.  We were above all not “fanatics”.  We were reasonable people with a rational faith.

So those of us growing up in these kinds of churches did not learn a lot about the power of the Spirit of God that was available to us.  When we saw glimpses of His power we were awed but I think we were also taught to be cautious and sceptical( I guess this fits rational people) so we did not dare presume that this power was something that God might want us to experience.  So we did not ask.  And of course if you do not ask …

So if postmoderns are opening us up to the realization that our God is a God of power, if we are beginning to talk about and experience the power of the Holy Spirit and if ordinary people like me are beginning to ask…  Jesus said that if we ask we will be given, so if the church is beginning to ask – who knows what the future will have in store for it.  I think that as we experience God’s power through the Holy Spirit then we can begin to witness – can’t tell much about what we don’t know; can’t show much on the outside if we don’t have anything on the inside. 

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