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Calling and Vocation

I have been reading a very practical book on Christian spirituality.  And I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow in spiritual maturity.  For the most part it is a guide on returning to the basics of the Christian life in order to grow in personal spiritual health and life.

From On The Way by Gordon T. Smith, pp90 to 92 from his chapter on Vocation and Christian Service

“… this also means we affirm that work in the world is a vital expression and element of a Christian spirituality… ”

“And for the lay  person who is called to be a dentist or a banker, the actual work in the bank or the dentist office is good work, and we must not think that such people use their time better if they are also involved in teaching a Sunday School class, that they are more spiritual people if they are actively involved in their local church.  Indeed, it may well be the case that if a dentist neglects her practice while serving the church, she is not faithful to the work to which she is called…”

“…in this affirmation of work we also need to affirm and celebrate the work of those who make a house a home and in so doing raise children and spend their days responding to the needs of children.  The work of a homemaker is not second-class work to those who have a career in the world.  Indeed, Proverbs 31 celebrates equally the person who is a domestic as much as the one who is a merchant buying and selling in the marketplace.” 

“…we can see our work as a way in which we live under the kingdom reign of Christ and celebrate, through good times and difficult times, the reality that God is bringing His kingdom purposes into the world.  The whole of our lives is lived in light of His kingdom, and this means that we no longer view parts of our lives as more sacred than other parts, but that all that we are – including our work – is lived under the kingdom reign of Jesus Christ.”

Maybe I just liked the reference to the dentist.  Not really but it fits.  I found most helpful the fact that our work, whatever it is, is part of what God has called us to do on this earth and that it is as sacred as anything that we do.

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