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This will be the last …

This week seems to be a week of “lasts”.  Last sedation day till fall.  Last day at the school program today. Yesterday the last day of classes for my high school kids. The last Friday coffee at the Bison. And only 5 more working days till I leave. 

Our visa’s came today.  All in order.  One more detail in place. 

I have always had this recurring dream that I get before a big trip.  In the dream I am desperately putting things into a suitcase and rushing, rushing to get to the airport.  Just get there to see the plane(or bus, or some vehicle) taking off without me.  It hasn’t come this time.  Either it has been too long since I travelled like this or someone is giving me an extra sense of peacefulness about this one.

It is stressful in some ways getting ready.  I am not a good organizer so that part just making sure I have taken care of the details is always stressful to me.  On all our trips before I pretty much took care of the packing and Leo did the administrative details like tickets and visa’s.  I am doing most of it this time.  Not that Leo hasn’t been around to help, but he hasn’t taken over like he would if we were going together.  So I could really be panicked.  But there is an incredible sense of this trip being exactly right, of God moving to see that it takes place right now. 

There is also a different sense about this trip.  I am not sure how to pin down the difference but it is a bit like God has something up his sleeve if he has sleeves.  As if he is moving things around me to accomplish some purpose.  I am not going to accomplish some great plan of my own.   I am just going to help and to encourage and to renew friendships.  I have plans to do some upgrading of the dental personnel but other than that I don’t have a big agenda of my own.  And this is the scariest part of the whole thing because I am not sure exactly what God wants of me.  So in some ways I’m saying OK, God I will try and fit into whatever plans you have for us.  You take control and help me to listen for directions from you.”  It is a bit of a vulnerable feeling but good at the same time.

It’s hard to believe that in two weeks we will either be languishing in the airport in Paris or gazing up at the Eiffel Tower waiting till the evening flight down to Africa.


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