Daily Archives: June 2, 2004

Busy, busy, busy

Last sedation day today before the summer break.  All of today’s kids were great.  It was a good day, but busy with a few extra emergencies thrown in. 

Just have a wee bit to finish up on another seminar.  Will finish that up tomorrow. 

Sara had her first soccer game this evening.  The last games in Regina were rained out.  I guess they will have to make them up sometime.  The girls won tonight against Aurora from Saskatoon.  Think the score was 4 – 2.  I had to go to this one.  It is probably the only one I will get to watch before leaving for the Congo.  There is just too much to do as far as packing and everything to take the 2 hours in the evening right now. 

Oh, am I ever beginning to feel the pressure before the trip.  So much to do. 


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