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Just seemed so weird.  There were so many patients that didn’t show up.  It’s not like the weather was bad or anything.  And we have been unable to book in more patients for about a week since I have been so booked up.  Then all these no shows out of the blue, leaving me with great holes in my schedule.

And then a bunch of weird patients.  One wanting to know if the valium her physician prescribed shouldn’t be “knocking her out completely”.  She was already out of it enough in my opinion.  My assistants would have had to carry her in if she had taken any more. 

Then a family that I find hard to like.  All of them hanging around the operatory as if the child is having major surgery.  Just cementing a spacer that they finally have gotten around to bringing him in for.  Maybe their solicitousness is directly proportional to their lack of taking real care of him.  Or their own fear.  Or their trying to make up for their lack of parenting skills – he is very spoiled and wimpy! 

Or maybe I am just a grouch today and this is all just my distorted view of the world today.  Just found out that I am on call this week too.  That explains all the emergencies that were fit in to the spaces left by the cancellations.


Anyway, sometimes I have these days when I just get a bit disgusted with the patients.  They demand too much.  Especially those emergency patients who do not look after themselves and who are having an emergency because they didn’t come months or years ago when the problem started.  I can’t repair all the damage they have done to themselves.  So I find myself getting arrogant and impatient.  A dentist should not get impatient!  Usually I have a pretty good feel for what is what is happening when I am extracting a tooth.  But get impatient and I don’t take the time to “feel” what the tooth is telling me about itself.  Today I did that – and snap!  There went that root.  I ended up spending extra time on that one – mostly due to my own impatience.

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