Something happened today that for me was beyond anything I was expecting. 

I was in the sanctuary this morning before the service, spending some time in the quiet of that place talking to God.  I find it a good place to go to connect with God, a place where God visits us on Sundays anyway, and where, when I am there sitting and talking with him, his presence is almost palpable. 

There are a lot of things I have been talking to him about lately, family concerns, concerns for our congregation and for friends, concerns for those who have had people close to them die recently.  And I tell him of my plans for the trip to the Congo which of course he knows anyway, but still I tell him of the things that most concern me at the moment. 

The denomination has committed itself to providing funds for the dental supplies I need to take with me but have asked me to do as much as I can to get things donated.  This week I received a large box of supplies from my regular dental supply company, and I really appreciate it.  But do you have any idea the cost of dental supplies?  I am taking out things that have about half the value of what we consume in our office for a month.  The guys have had almost no supplies sent out since the beginning of the civil war in the Congo.  Sometimes what I am taking seems like a mere drop in the bucket of the immense needs there.  And there are still a few things to purchase that were not donated and that I must take. So I have spent a fair bit of money on supplies and there are costs of travel and of  bringing the dental guys together at the Congo end, feeding and providing lodging for them while I spend time encouraging them in their work and upgrading their dental knowledge. 

On Saturday the women had a bake sale.  My part was setting up a display table with a few art objects from the Congo.  I had to be in Saskatoon for the evening so could not be at their sale. 

This morning the women presented me with a cheque for $1000.  This will cover the costs of bringing the guys to Karawa as well as feeding them for the week or so that we are together.  Whatever is left will go into the supply pot. 

Pentecost Sunday.  And God came.  He came with a show of his bounty and provision. Confirmation for me that he is in this whole trip with me. No fire, no tongues.  Just women’s hands reaching out in generosity and love to people on the other side of the world.  And once again, I am amazed.  He is so good.

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  1. Donna

    Hi Linea,

    nice to hear a few words on Pentecost.

    I can only imagine how wonderful the service was!

    Enjoyed! I am sure.