Picking up speed for the weekend.

We seem to be gearing up for another hectic weekend. 

Sara goes to Regina for soccer.  Fortunately she is getting a ride down with one of the other girls on the team.  Well – I say fortunately since there is no way we could fit a trip to Regina into this weekend.  Sara wishes I could take her since she isn’t “that good friends” with the other girls who are just a bit older than her.  But she will  manage.  Sounds like the hotel room is going to be full and Sara will need to take a sleeping bag and air mattress.  It will be cheaper that way at least.

Leo is away at meetings down in Moose Jaw as part of his MHO job.  So he will be coming back up via Wakaw(so he can stop and play golf).  He should get home Friday. 

The boys are going down to Saskatoon for some Fransaskois event – playing.  I think it is the Jeux Fransaskois and there is always a cultural component to this event which otherwise is athletics.  My boys are part of the “culture”.

And this weekend is also Grace’s dance recital.  The recital is so long that it is broken up into two parts and runs over two days.  Grace will dance Sat pm and Sunday eve.  I got tickets for both since I am not sure which is going to work out best for me. 

Sat eve is also a big event in Saskatoon for me.  The registrar for the College of Dental Surgeons of Saskatchewan is retiring.  He has been in this position since I was barely a new grad.  He is one of those guys with a remarkable memory who always seemed to take a personal interest in each dentist.  And he has always been very supportive – even when I stretched their thinking by going as a contract dentist into a community health centre.  And in spite of him fitting gender wise and age wise into the “old boys club” he always was very supportive of women in dentistry and as far as I know a good level headed and fair registrar.  Most of the class I graduated with will be there on Sat since 8 out of the ten of us practice in Saskatoon and I am not far away in Prince Albert.  And before George Peacock became registrar, he taught us at the dental college – pedodontics. 

Then back up to PA again Sat night.  I do not want to miss worshipping with friends again on Sunday am.


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  1. Donna

    Have a great weekend. Sounds like everyone is going to be enjoying it in their own special “field”.