Preparing – L'anesthésie locale

A large part of my day was spent preparing some updates on local anesthesia.  I sure do like the fact that our computer has a spell and grammar checker in French.  And it also helps to have my own personal French language coach for when the word, translated literally, just doesn’t quite have the correct meaning.  I think that set of notes is about ready.

It also was nice and sunny this morning – the sky was such a clear blue.  No bugs yet.  So I sat out on the deck spent some time with God,  some good books and a cup of strong coffee. 

Plants are beginning to come to life.  The ferns are uncurling their heads.  Leaves are coming out on the trees.  It is still too cold to plant annuals.  I may have to leave that job to CK.  He seems to have an interest in growing things although he seems to have forgotten that it still freezes at night and so succeeded in killing a few of his plants.  I think he thought they would do better with fresh air and sun.  The air was too fresh!  They weren’t quite ready for it.

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  1. Toni

    I’ll stop thinking “it’s chilly this morning” just because the temperature has dropped to 12’C or 13’C overnight.