There is never enough

time.  And have you ever noticed how time speeds up as you approach deadlines?  As I have less than one month till I leave for the Congo, I am too aware of this and find my time is becoming more and more coveted. 

And I notice how poorly organized I am too.  And that just seems to make me more frustrated.  Because I will never get half the stuff done that I had good intentions to do. 

As I run out of time, I also get downright unbearable to live with.  There is nothing in particular that I can nail down as a cause for being a grouch.  I just am.  And I don’t like that.  I end up snapping at the people around me that I love the most and need the most. 

So, today I was reading in On The Way by Gordon T. Smith that we need to be aware that God is using the ordinary circumstances of our lives to draw us to a deeper relationship with him.  That in whatever situation we find ourselves we need to look at how each occaision teaches us to trust God in the midst of it.  I can see that but boy God’s got a lot of work to do here.  I could sure relax more if I trusted him to take care of more of the little details.

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