It looks as if we are going to have some more changes at our office.  My assistant is going to be moving.  Her husband accepted a transfer – which is great for them, they will move closer to family and he gets more of a management job.  But for me the change will be huge.  She has been my assistant for over 6 years.  And she is a good assistant and has special skills in orthodontic assisting that I need. 

So anyone know of a dental assistant who is looking to work for the worlds greatest boss?  Ortho assisting would be a great asset.  Oh – yes, a sense of humor and a willingness to work hard would be useful too.

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  1. Well,

    It feels like I’ve been in there enough lately, maybe I could help you out a bit…!

  2. Linea

    Yeah but you can’t go around wearing earphones to muffle the sounds. And you’d have to listen to the boss!

  3. Rob Dering

    Can a retired US Customs officer moving to Canada to marry your Sister-In-Law Terry help you at all? Sorry I did not have a chance to talk with you this past weekend…but I have heard a lot about you (All positive in nature).

    Have a safe and wonderful journey to the Congo…and look forward to meeting you possibly upon your return.