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Happy Blogday to me!

Well it has been one year.  Just a baby still but it has been a fun year.

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Should we or not?

We were talking about how some of the women in the church are opposed to using Styrofoam cups for our Sunday am coffee.  Since we use cups or mugs there is a lot of washing up to do after.  This can mean that some people are left scrambling to clean up so they can get up to the sanctuary for the worship service. 

I think this might just be one of those Mary/ Martha differences in opinion. 

I know that I am very much a Mary type – putting more value on the relationships and on the value of the worship and learning than on what happens in the physical work of providing for the coffee or the meal.  So my solution is to minimize the effort required in getting the coffee stuff cleaned up by using disposable cups.  I know there are environmental issues but I guess I put the logistical advantages first in a case like this.  I would hate to see us drop something that enhances our fellowship just because it requires too much work. 

There is also the possibility that there are some people that enjoy this kind of work so much that they would agree to assume responsibility for this and do the washing up of the cups as a service – without complaining that others never take a turn.  Sort of like dividing up the responsibilities – doing their thing while the relationship builders are freed up to visit or simply get their families organized and up to the worship service.  (And I don’t mean that we all shouldn’t pitch in and help on other occasions – just that something that occurs like this every Sunday should not become a burden on the ones who organized it so that we could spend more time getting to know each other.)

But if this doesn’t happen I think we should get out the Styrofoam cups!

Anyway, I found this article interesting in the light of this discussion.  Linked to via Brad


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