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Madelaine L'Engle

Thanks Andrew for the link to the story on Madelaine L’Engle.  She is one of my favorite authors.  I watched the Wrinkle on Monday night.  I have seen better movies although it was OK in a mediocre way.  The book is much better – whoever wrote the movie script needed a better imagination.  It sort of lost it’s magic in the filming.

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Of Crowns and Things

Yesterday we were looking through my schedule at the office.  Checking what date we should set as the last day for booking certain procedures – like crowns.  These have an associated second appointment that has to be completed before I leave for the Congo.  I don’t want to leave anyone in a temporary crown for a month while I’m away.  The fact that Monday is going to be my last day for crowns – four of them that day – makes me realize how soon I’ll be leaving.

So today we had one of our favourite patients in for his crown. 

Today’s patient is a favourite since he makes us all laugh.  He is getting married in July and going into nursing in the fall. I hope he carries his sense of humour with him.  Laughter may make people with stitches hurt but others it just may heal.  Meanwhile, he is assisting one of the local veterinarians. 

“I pulled four teeth yesterday,” he says.  “And today I do some more dentistry.” 

“More teeth to pull?” we asked.

“Don’t know,” he replied (through the mouthful of cotton rolls, etc.). “Never know till they are under.”

At least most of our patients can be examined awake and most don’t bite.

“Is this going to hurt?” 

Not a bit”

Are you sure?”

Yup.  If you are quiet long enough to get the freezing done!”

Left him for a few minutes while the retraction cord did it’s work.  He wanted to know if he could join us downstairs for coffee!

So, did you have a good coffee?  What kind do you use?  My boss bought a Tim Horton’s coffee maker.” He’s really quite good at talking with cotton rolls in his mouth!

We finished packing the second cord and as he sat there in the chair with his mouth full of impression material we told him, We’re going back down to have coffee.”

Sitting around in our staff room downstairs – contemplating what we should have on the ceiling.  I suggested we paint images of the bottom of people’s feet or shoes since that is what we hear above us – we are directly bellow the waiting room.  Roger got a little carried away with the idea.  Thought we should then paint what we’d see as if we could look up peoples “pant legs”.  Yeah, right!!!  Pant legs?  Well wait a minute – with his perverse sense of humour someone’s hairy legs might be just his idea of art!

Tomorrow another favourite patient comes in for a crown too.  But I think he’ll have his ears plugged in to better things to listen to than us.

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