Mother's Day

It was a good day as far as Mother’s Days go.  Most of my kids were home and my daughter who was working just phoned me.  The kids cooked and mostly cleaned up.  Annette and I sat and talked while the burgers were being made. 

I received some nice gifts too.  A blender – the kids really have gotten into making smoothies and wanted one badly.  I suggested they get one for me for Mother’s Day and then treat me to a smoothie.  So they did.  I also got two figurines by Willow Tree “Grandmother” and “Angel of the Spirit”  as well as a gift certificate for a one hour massage. 

And then we sat around and talked. 

One interesting topic was why they like to come to church at Gateway.  A mother sort of wonders these things,  you know.  They like the mix of music (some old and some new) and they like it that no one is up in the front “performing”.  One son commented that a middle aged woman should not get up in the front and try to dance while leading the music – a bad experience elsewhere I guess.  And they like the pastor.  Randall – you come across as real, down to earth and intelligent in what you say – according to my older kids anyway.  And they all agreed that they would not want to listen to their own father’s dry sermons very often. (they did last Sunday when Leo spoke in Randall’s absence).

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  1. Tell em the cash is in the mail.

  2. Linea

    Randall – Well I’d say for roast preacher you were pretty well done. But don’t let it go to your head.