I have developed a bit of an aversion to shopping.  I suppose if one had an endless supply of cash it would not be so much of a strain.  But going out looking for stuff is to subject oneself to all sorts of temptation – and it is too easy to decide that something is “needed”  when you sure didn’t need it till you saw it. 

Anyway today was shopping for something that had to be bought.  Dresses for my friends wedding.  So what can a person do?  Might as well enjoy it – right? 

So I did.  Maybe it was nicer than usual since I was with my friend.  Usually I am shopping with kids and they definitely don’t know how to distinguish between need and want and I end up paying the bill.  There are only so many “but Mom – please” phrases one can resist in a day before my resistance breaks down or I get very irritated with them.  Either way it is not what I would call fun. 

Today was mostly pure fun – we walked a lot, tried on lots of dresses in this little shop we found when we were just about at the end of our search, had Vietnamese food together for lunch and a couple of smoothie’s later on.  We found a dress that I think is just right for her and one I liked too.

Then to top it off we had supper at Montana’s with her kids.  And her kids being a little bit crazy (and double jointed, I might add) made it just a fun evening.  The ride back up to PA passed quickly as time does when friends are talking. 

All in all it was a great day.

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