This week…

has been long and tiring.  I am so incredibly sleepy tonight.  I’d like to be up in my bed but being the single parent for a few days means I should be paying attention to when and where the kids are coming and going.  So I guess I’ll mess around in the kitchen, cleaning it up and then see what is brewing in the laundry department.  Exciting stuff, but it should keep me up till curfew time. 

Tomorrow – trip to Saskatoon.  Shopping for dresses for my friends wedding.  I see her at work almost every day but I think this will be more fun.  We don’t do much of this kind of fun stuff together.

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  1. Good old curfew time. We haven’t exactly got one yet, because there’s nowhere for the kids to go round here if we don’t drive them (village with about 200 people, of which maybe 10 are teenagers, and of those 4 are dowright unpleasant, while some aren’t the ‘hanging out’ type).

    However we did have major ructions with Sarah wanting to stay out late with her BF tonight. His parents aren’t that willing to help drive them around, so she expects us to look after ferrying. He’s playing (trumpet) in a band at a semi local pub this evening. She wanted to see him, and then wanted to stay until midnight.


    We put a time of 10.30pm on it. Cue vocal and not-pleased daughter. Then it turns out that he isn’t staying that late anyway. Spot the rapid back pedal.

    We’re all sorted OK now 🙂

  2. Linea

    We actually are fairly lenient when it comes to curfew – and more often than not will specify a time that fits the activity. But now we are being forced by some of their choices to make a curfew and have them stick to it. Last night, one made it and one didn’t. Now we(I)have to deal with the breaking of the curfew.