Hey – sometimes they listen!

Adults coming in for regular dental check ups should not have decay around fillings or on easy to clean surfaces of the teeth. 

We had just completed all his fillings last year.  Now there were at least a half dozen new areas that needed filling.

So we began to ask What are you doing that is so different from other adults?”  What is so different from what you were doing before?” 

It turned out that he drank a lot of a certain carbonated brown beverage that starts with P.   He drank it all day long not just one or two.  I think the brand is irrelevant.

Today he came in for some fillings some of those teeth that have to be fixed again.  He has given up his favorite drink.  Switched to the diet version.  He wants to write the company and suggest a warning label.  And he has, by switching, lost ten pounds at the same time.  Stomach problems he had have disappeared.  Not only has he cut out the sugary drink he has cut down on drinking all pop since he doesn’t like the taste of the diet version as much.

He’s enough of an enthusiast that several of his acquaintances have switched too.  There is nothing like a convincing personal story.

Now we just have to convince him to quit smoking!

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  1. My dentist couldn’t figure out why I had all these gumline cavities until it finally occurred to me that I was sucking on mints all day long. So it’s been over a year since I kicked that particular habit. And only diet pop for me. See? You can make a difference…