Home Again

Well, I must say that it is good to be home again.  Even though the conference was probably one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever been at. 

Even hobnobbed with the big guys.  Had breakfast with the President of our denomination – Glen Palmberg – and heard some about his recent trip to the Congo.  And he encouraged me as I get ready to go.  He was overwhelmed by the tremendous needs and the need for us to go back and give them all the support we can.  And he talked about the heat and humidity and how it was so draining.  I know this is one part of the experience that I won’t escape either.  And the endless lines of people coming to present their needs to him for consideration.  I probably will have some of that too.  What really almost knocked me flat though was when he said to me “…whenI was talking to Condelleeza Rice…” and I thought gee – here is little insignificant me sharing breakfast with someone who really does talk to the “big guys”.  But he has such a big heart open to the needs of the Congo.  It seems to be God’s timing for us to talk and for me to go back. 

Pray for Africa and it’s huge needs.  The really powerful nations may bail on their promises of aid to Africa but God won’t.  And I hope God’s people won’t.

And hearing Lon Allison bring us messages from God.  “Hook is Back.  Gotta fly. Gotta crow. Gotta fight.”  I think that one will stick with me for a while.  Lots of chances to talk to him too. 

And I got to share a bit of my story.  Where I’ve been, where I’m headed, what I hope to do with this trip to the Congo.  I guess even the brief sharing of my personal struggles connected to where other women are at.  And although the few minutes I had are not enough to more than scratch the surface it prompted numerous conversations.  And I know that a bunch of people will be praying for me as I go. 

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