Well, here we are…

in Winnipeg. Weather is just about like in Prince Albert before we left. A few minutes of sun, a few minutes of rain, then a few minutes of snow.

I hate to advertise but the Super 8 hotel on Pembina is a nice place to stay. It also just so happens that I was given a suite – complete with microwave. And computer. This is great.

I presented a little bit of what I would be doing going back to the Congo at the service on Friday evening. I was given two minutes – I suspect I took a couple more than that. I am no public speaker. I am not terribly afraid I don’t think. It is just that spoken words are not my thing. I shared briefly what we had done before when we were in the Congo,my struggles coping when we came back, and how God seems to be wanting me back there this summer. And how I think I am finally ready to go.

Today was just a fun day. I spent hours talking to people I haven’t seen for a long time. Then I watched our little TV documentary. I am not sure it actually aired in Saskatchewan. It was actually good. It ended up in the church while we were singing “Lord You Have My Heart” and even the singing sounded good.

Then I went shopping. And to a banquet and program tonight. More good visiting. Tomorrow Lon Allison speaks again and lunch after with a cousin. To the Forks in the afternoon. It should be another fun day.

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  1. Phil

    I saw Eric after the service yesterday, and he says he watched a videotape of the documentary. Apparently the French is spoken very rapidly. I’d like to watch it. I probably wouldn’t catch more than a word or two, but the kids could translate for me. Perhaps you could have some computer-literate kid convert it to MPEG, and post it to your website (or would that be violating CBC’s copyright?)