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Maundy Thursday

Tonight we gathered for worship and to share in communion.  It was Maundy Thursday — Holy Thursday.  We have a little tradition now of two years duration.  This is the night we gather around God’s table and serve each other. 

When I got home from work tonight, my daughters asked if this was the night we would be serving each other communion so I guess it was a significant enough event for them last year that they remembered it and wanted to do it again.  They wanted to go tonight – absolutely no arm twisting needed. It is interesting how my teenagers will attend and participate in an event like this but do not like going to Youth Group events.

Tonight I thought there were some very significant things going on.  Children were serving each other, their parents and their youth leaders.  I was moved as an adult daughter served her parents and siblings.  Because I know her and we have shared stories, I am a little aware of just how significant this act was.

I was also just aware of God’s presence uniting this diverse group of people somehow by the simple act of serving one another. 

And following this, I took my daughters out for something to eat.  It was fun and we had a chance to talk again about some important things together.  We talked about God answering our prayers and how sometimes it seems like he answers right away and other times it seems to take a long time.   So I read them a bit of a quote from Anne Lamott in Bird By Bird where she says “Still one of the most annoying things about God is that he never just touches you with his majic wand, like Glinda the Good, and gives you what you want…”  It gave us a good chance to talk and those are always good times.

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Ten years ago

Ten years ago, I can remember listening in horror as the genocide began to play out in Rwanda.  The phone conversation of a woman who had been involved in human rights as she heard the mobs approaching, the sights of slaughter. 

Ten years ago today.  Thanks for the news link, Jordon

Today Leo got notification that the book he ordered by Dallaire J’ai SerrĂ© la Main du Diable was ready to be picked up.  I wonder how difficult this will be for me to attempt to read in French.  I might just give it a try – or buy it in English.

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Stuff – from worship to wimps

We had a good long practice tonight.  It was very different playing in another church.  The shape of the room is different and the sound system a whole lot bigger.  And I was miked for the first time.  We don’t have enough capacity for that in our system.  So it was a good and different and a learning experience.  I really wonder what I sound like – maybe it is better not to know – just play along and not worry too much about it.

We are providing the music for the combined Good Friday service that several of the churches in our city get together for.  So, O God, make my fingers play the right notes!

Christian was anxious to get home to study for his Chem 30 test tomorrow.  That didn’t take him long – I hear him downstairs drumming now.  Think we may have to remind him of our noise bylaw – no drumming after 11:00 pm!

And speaking of bylaws – Leo was not happy with the changes made in the city’s bylaw for smoke free places.  The councillors kind of gave too many concessions to the buisness people and smoke free won’t happen in bars till 2006.  WIMPS !!!  Money is more important than people’s health.  Well I guess that will keep me out of the bars!!

This is turning out to be a busy week – I guess it is the most important Christian holy day.  And of course we don’t treat it so much as a vacation as Christmas.  We just fit it into the busy schedules of our lives and life just keeps going on.  Although I must say, I am very happy that our office has decided to take the Friday(which is a stat holiday here) and the Monday off.  We’re almost as proliferate with our vacation days as government employees!  And so my sisters who are coming with their families and my family will take a little bit of time to get together at my dad’s.

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This should have been posted yesterday but…

…I didn’t realize that the publisher site had changed location.  That is just because I am probably not computer smart enough to realize that it of course had moved.  Oh well.  This is just one day late and it could just about as well have happened today.

Ooooh…It was so hard to get out of bed this morning! Usually, I am an early riser-up with the sun.  But not this morning.  This morning my dear, sweet husband said to me, “Let me get you coffee this morning.  You’re always so good to get it for me – so just stay in bed for a few minutes.” 

So I did.

Our last patient of the morning was…well, she was 8 – too big to force to do things our way. The weird thing was that my assistant took x-rays just fine.  Then I sat down to examine her teeth and she freaked out on me.  Just started to sob.  I hadn’t even looked.  Mom couldn’t do anything; I couldn’t do anything.  Finally they left, no work done.  That is a wretched way to end the morning.   Leaves me feeling like I did something bad to her, but honestly, I did nothing!!!

And this afternoon I saw my youngest patient.  5 days old today.  A little armful of new life.   I loved how her mom nestled her head carefully in the crook of her arm as I checked her little mouth.  She had developed some sore spots under the little feeding appliance we made last week.  Baby mouths are delicate.  She’ll heal fast now that the appropriate adjustments are made.  My reward I got to hold this precious little bit of a thing for a few minutes.  

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Something seems to be wrong with my image uploader.  I will see if I can get it fixed.  The images show up on my fusion publisher so I’m not sure what is wrong.

Well as you can see the pictures below are just fine now.  Leighton – thanks.  These Prairie Fusion guys are sure great!

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They did it!

So we went to this place today

The day was beautiful for the drive – got a bit windy in the afternoon but was nice and warm. 

The girls danced well.  As the adjudicator said as she called them up ” Now that is Hip Hop!”  They were awarded gold with a mark of 89.  So here are my wonderful girls – well only one really belongs to me – Grace is on the left as you look at the picture.  Natalie is Grace’s best friend and dancing partner.  They have gone to the same school since grade 2 and danced together for about 5 years.  And they are both petite so make a great pair at dancing – both are less than 5 feet tall.

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Bigger and Biggar

Biggar has this crazy slogan “New York may be big but we are Biggar”  that about everyone repeats and that about everyone is tired of.  Biggar is just a little spot on the prairie map, a small hotel, a restaurant or two, a few churches and an art centre.  The community is big into music and dance festivals and competitions.  They hold one of the largest dance competitions in the province.  And today that is where we are going.

Grace and her friend, Nathalie, will be dancing their duet today.  On Thursday, Grace danced her solo and large group dance – Gold medal performances in both.  Today, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t pull off another gold. 

Grace hasn’t danced a solo in competition before this one.  I am so thankful that it went well.  She had been stressing out in her own inward sort of way for over a week.  She stopped eating on Tuesday.  Another thing for me to worry about I suppose.  She ate a hot dog on the way back Thursday night and was sick – lost it all.  I suggested that a hot dog is probably not a friendly to your stomach sort of food.  Maybe she should start out with some soup or toast – something a bit more bland and easy to digest.  But what does a mother know anyway?

Anyway, in about an hour we will pack ourselves into my vehicle and head south to the big town of Biggar.  It looks like a beautiful day for the trip.

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