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The weekend was good.  I need some time to work through all the stuff in my head.  The best part of the weekend was the time to talk.  And the deepening of friendships – real friendships. 

I always have trouble going to these events because I take along my preconceived ideas of what I want to happen.  So, I had been praying that I would hear what God had to say to me.  And this time I heard – some things anyway – things that I have been asking about for awhile.  So for me it was a good weekend because I took time to listen. 

And it is good how God sometimes gives suggestions for things that will enrich our experience with him.  I woke up on Friday with the idea in my head that I should set up a corner somewhere in the retreat centre for prayer.  Not being part of the organizing of the weekend, I called the proper person and she agreed that this would be a good thing to do.  So, I packed up some things to create a bit of a sacred space – music and candles and a notebook.  And that ended up being one of the special parts of the weekend.

And there were other highlights too – the safe trip up to the lake on a very snowy and slippery day, the horse and cutter rides arranged by the Pritchards, and the hike with Janet. 

I think I lost about a gallon of water on the hike – all into my clothes.  I think there was one point when Janet thought maybe she had led me out onto the ice to my death.  There was a snowmobile track to follow but it wasn’t hard packed so we would be walking along when all of a sudden one leg would drop down into the deep snow.  A bit exhausting but fairly hilarious.  If Janet had a video camera I am sure she would find a way to show you how gracefully I walked!!  But we made it back and I am still alive and not too stiff.

The pictures and more I will post here maybe tomorrow.  My daughter is home and she and “Dad” are working through her essay which is due this week so I don’t get priority on the computer to get my pictures posted.  And I simply need time to work through some of the stuff I  learned.

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