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Wrapping things up

Today was a good day to finish off some things.  The TV thing is done and out of the way.  I think it went well.  The kids were getting into it by the end.  Sandra, the interviewer, said she would like to get a 30 minute documentary out of it – if her producer agrees.  We’ll see, I guess.  At least it doesn’t sound like we were too boring.  It was different playing for worship with a camera and sound pick up in my face.

I finished the toque I’ve been knitting for David.  I would like to make a matching one for Keiran but to be realistic – it would get done just in time for summer.  So I will start one for a two year old head and he should be able to wear it next winter.

So speaking of next winter – the weather has been nice enough that this spring may actually be on it’s way.  Also being realistic – we still are likely to have some winter surprises left for us yet.

And I think our year end stuff is done at work.  So I will look at it tomorrow and then start all the stuff that comes with getting ready for the taxes!  Oh joy! 

Tonight was a fun evening – jamming with the worship crew.  Women’s retreat this weekend will have the female half out of the picture as far as the worship team goes. But we had fun tonight just playing, at least I did.  I always feel like the slowest one on the scene.  Sometimes it is really hard to hear the piano as it picks up and carries the melody.  It is easy if there is someone leading the singing, since I can follow that and usually catch the timing.  But tonight was good for me – just trying to hear the music and play.  I need this kind of practice to get my ear attuned to the others.  Then I can go home and practice and practice till the notes come together – especially for songs with three or more flats or sharps!

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