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Good article

Jordon linked to this article by Mark Bernsteinon on writing for the web.  It is worth reading.

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Making movies

Well, so far, we have made it through the day.  It has actually been fun.  Out of all the time they spent with us, which has been about 6 1/2 hours, plus the two or so hours they will be with us tomorrow, they will make a 6 minute story.  Incredible amount of work.  And they had to be back in Saskatoon for another story tonight by 6:30 – something about kyaking.  Then they drive back up here tomorrow to go with the kids to school and with me to work. 

Our kids were very good about it all.  At first they were not too keen on the whole thing so they kind of got into it slowly at the beginning.  At church this morning, I was wondering if I had been insane agreeing to this because the kids were balking a bit at the whole thing.  Once we got home, the music thing helped a lot – Christian and Patrick and a friend playing and then Grace and her friend dancing, sort of loosened the kids up as they got familiar with the camera crew.  They even filmed Sara doing her homework – that proves it was done I guess! So the interviews with the kids that came at the end were accepted without too much reluctance.  Christian even got some cool music from one of the crew – the camera guy so that made it pretty OK.

So unless they trash the whole thing – it will air sometime between March and May.  And they will send us a cassette of it so we can show home movies to everyone!

Reality TV at it’s best!!  Autographs will be available 🙂

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