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En Français!

The fact that a TV crew will be in our home tomorrow has been a good incentive to do some housecleaning.  I have also made our dinner for tomorrow – actually have it all planned out and ready to go.  If I was this organized all the time, I would be exhausted. 

I guess it is a bit normal to be a bit nervous about being part of this documentary.  I hope my French comes across better than the French I have heard some politicians use.  I can certainly keep up with the conversation but just as I sometimes will lose my train of thought in English mid-sentance, I am afraid I will do the same in French.   I am a bit afraid of not being able to even find the right word to express myself in French.  On the other hand – I don’t do too badly for it being a second language learned in adulthood.

Mais ça fait longtemps depuis que j’avais une longue conversation en français. 

Well, I guess if we are suck with our French or are too strange a family, they will just cut out our segment and our moment on screen will never occur.

I think it will be one of those “interesting” days. 

Our reasons for choosing adoption are always a bit hard to explain.  Part of those reasons stem from the fact that we were children of the 60’s.  And we are boomers.  When we were growing up we were immersed in concerns for an overpopulated world and decided not to try and contribute to the overpopulation ourselves. There were children out there with no parents and being idealistic decided that if there was a way, this is how we would expand our family. 

So we stopped having children after three.  But then the third one started praying for a little sister and we thought – lets do it.  Lets adopt.

By that time it was becoming more difficult to find a child to adopt in Canada.  It was hard to go through a long adoption process when home assignments were only a year long.  We realized that if we really wanted to adopt, we would have to consider international adoption.  That was fine with us but we decided that it made more sense to adopt a child internationally from a culture we were already familiar with.  So we began to look in the country where we were working – Zaire.

Zaire didn’t have any “orphan” homes.  Children without parents are generally absorbed into the extended family.  But not all children have extended families and they end up gettting short shrift in life.  So we began to look and just six weeks before we had to leave the country we were blessed – finding the first of the children we have adopted.  It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.


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