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Some good visiting

This afternoon I came home to find all of my biological kids at home.  That was kind of a treat.  Rachelle was up for the day and had her teeth all polished up.  She had to go back to S’toon to be back at work tomorrow morning though so it was a short trip.  She and Leo and I sat and watched “Whale Rider” together after the other kids took off and before she had to leave.  That is a good movie!

This afternoon, I got to introduce Leo and Rachelle to the Bison –  a really great coffee shop.  Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had.  It was fun chatting with the Swiss couple who operate it.  And then we met a young family there – turned out she was the daughter of an old friend, now married with a young son.  She recognised Leo’s voice so re-introduced herself to us.

Those parts of the day were fun.

The morning in the operating room was rather “triste”.  Just sometimes things a person has to do gets to them.  Most of the time I can compartimentalize myself enough not to get disturbed by the work I have to do.  Today was hard.  Maybe I will write about it tomorrow.

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