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Being a bossy boss

Maybe it is better to be a domineering boss.  That way if I dictated stuff no one would dare question or complain – at least in front of me.  But I’m afraid that just isn’t me.  And because I care but sometimes can’t accomodate everyone – well it wears me down.  So tonight I am tired.  I’m tired because although my staff have known for months about my trip to the Congo, today when I told them that I needed them to take most of their holiday time while I was away I got very negative reactions.  Somehow the thought must not have dawned on them before, although it has always been the rule that they would take their vacations when I did.  So it means that some of their time off may not coincide with school vacations – although 2 and a half weeks of it will.  And no one up till now has informed me of any important dates that they will need to have off. 

Does it not occur to them that if I have no assistants to work with when I get back from the Congo, that I will also have no money to pay them with!!!  But then again, I need them as badly as they need me.  And they could get another job a whole lot easier than I could.  They just wouldn’t have as easy going a boss as either Roger or myself.:-)

Work tomorrow should be fun because…! Tomorrow we are in the Operating Room again.  Two pretty big cases. 

The saddest one is an eleven year old who refuses to get work done “in the chair”.  As a result, he will have 8 to 10 permenant teeth out including three of his four top front teeth.  For some reason mother couldn’t (wouldn’t) come with him and we even had to get a telephone consent.  This involves two people explaining things to the parent over the phone – extra work in a way.  Trying to make sure that the parent understands that her son will be going home with no front teeth and that he will not grow another set.  Hoping she maybe cares enough to get him to brush his teeth from now on.  Realizing that the boy probably thought we would be putting in some dentures at the same time as we were taking out his rotten teeth.  Having to tell him that “no” he would be going home without teeth in the front. 

Pretty hard to make a denture for a growing boy that will last the required 8 years under the guidlines of the authority that pays for his work.

I wonder what chance this kid has in life?

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