Another day at the office

Today we felt the effects of spring break.  It felt like everyone was trying to get their dental check-ups done for the year.  We saw whole families of kids.  That can be either fun or total disaster.  Today was fun – mostly.  Just about all of the little(under 4 yr olds) kids were super good.  And the fun part comes from getting to see the whole family interacting.  Most of the time when the whole family comes in at once – Mom and Dad and the kids – everyone is well behaved.  There is something to be said for being part of a functioning family! 

So, some things were functioning well at the office.  Some things were not.  One of our younger patients needed to use our toilet facilities, tried to close the door and the whole handle came off in his hands!  This necessitated an emergency call to the local lock repair shop.  They weren’t going to be able to come till the afternoon, so a call went out to my handy son.  He and Kieran came to our rescue.  Kieran did his magic and had all of us in smiles in no time.  Then amazingly, the lock guy also showed up.  He put on a temporary handle while a new one of the lever arm type is ordered and we were back in buisness!

We also had a high school student spend the day at the office.  She is interested in Dentistry as a profession.  So she just hung around with us all day.  It was not a very exciting day as far as treatment since we did so many check-ups and that is not too exciting to watch.  But we got to talk a bit about what to expect andwhat kind of skills are important to have.  I think one needs to like people and have some ability artistically.  You also need to have patience with performing detailed tasks.

We also had a dental student drop in this afternoon with some papers to sign.  We usually have a final year student come and work in the office during the summer.  It helps us keep the office open during the summer and gives them some valuable experience.  It also gives Roger, my partner, another male for support.  He puts up with being the only male the rest of the year.  And having a young and rather good looking male student in  the office seems to provoke some interesting reactions from some of the female staff – all of whom are fairly attached to their own men.  Me – well lets just say that he’s about the age of my kids.  I think too much like a mother!

Just another day at the office!

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    As my uncle used to say “Why go out for hamburger when you have steak at home.”