I'm Back

My winter excursion was great.  At first I wondered what I had gotten myself into as I had to keep stoking the fire and leave the door of the fireplace open to get the maximum effect of the heat into the one room of the old log cabin.  I wasn’t sure my wood supply would last.  Then as the log walls warmed up, the temperature in the room kept getting warmer too.  I did wake up a few times in the night to replenish the fire but by morning it was hot in the old shack!  And then today, it was easy to keep the temperature at a comfortable even level.  The log walls seem to retain the heat nicely once they get warm.

Reading by lamplight and candles is great – before long your eyes are heavy and you might as well go to bed.  So that is just what I did.  And when you are all alone in a log cabin in the winter and you need to keep as warm as possible – only the outer layer of clothing – the jacket, boots and mitts come off. 

I had put a basin of snow on the stove to thaw for washing up before going to bed.  By the middle of the night the stove was hot, the water was hot and the inside of the cabin was more like a sweat lodge than the cold cabin I had gone to sleep in.

Today there was lots of time for reading.  I finished a book on prayer that I have been working through.  And there was uninterupted time for talking to God – good time.  Also did some knitting – a good cold weather occupation.  And then this afternoon I took off into the forest on my snowshoes.  Snowshoeing is fairly strenuous work for someone as out of shape as I am, even with the new type of snowshoes.  I wonder how sore I will be tomorrow.

I’ve posted some pictures over in my photo gallery.  Have a look.

I must say my family is so good to let me go off like this by myself.  Or maybe they are glad to be rid of me for a day!!  The house was even clean when I came home – sort of anyway!  And Patrick came home for spring break so he’ll be around for the week.  It is good to see him again and have him home.

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0 responses to “I'm Back

  1. I’m glad for you.

    Hope God was out there too.

  2. Toni

    Welcome back. Glad you didn’t turn into a teeth-fixing popsicle 😉

  3. Toni

    Just had a look at the pics. Now I’m disappointed. I’d imagined something all rough-sawn looking like a refugee from a 1940s filmset. That looked really civilised – windows, modern stove and all. Glad you were comfy though.

    Good wind-carved snow pics.

  4. Sharon

    Welcome home, Paula Bunyon!! Just thankful you’re alive and well…..and God was present….

  5. Donna

    Quite spectacular.

    A marshmallow world, all quiet and fluffy….what a great retreat.

  6. Janet

    Where do I sign up?:)