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My day

Wednesdays can be long days. 

Gate Crashers prayer starts out the morning at 6:30 and of course I have to be up about an hour before so I am ready for work.  But it is such a good way to start my day that I can’t imagine starting Wednesday without it.

Then every other week I start off my work day by sedating and working on little kids.  Most of these kids are under three.  All are in need of serious dental work.  About half of what I do are extractions.  And, although the kids are sedated, they can still make a lot of noise.  One of the things that I have found is that as the sedation is wearing off, some of the kids get very irritable and angry.  By that time their mouths are numb, they have had some dental work so are either drooling or bleeding, they have no idea what is going on since the meds cause amnesia, all they know is that they are in a place they don’t want to be.  I am done my part and the poor parent picks up where I have finished – one woosy angry kid.  It is nice to be able to send them home at that point.  But often they have to wait for their taxi.  Today we had a screamer in the office for about an hour after he was done.  My front office staff were glad when he finally left the waiting room.

The cold and flu like illness is also travelling through the office.  It was hard to be without one of my assistants today, and my other assistant was worried about her son who sustained a concussion in his hockey game on the weekend.  He was home alone, throwing up.  I managed to send her home a bit early at noon so she could check on him.  But tomorrow looks like she will have to carry on alone again.  And we are going to be very busy tomorrow.

Now it is late and I need to get some sleep.  Tomorrow is another day. And I get to do the single parent thing again for a few days.

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