On blizzards and being busted

Today’s weather was weird and not nice weird.  Woke up to -3 C.  About an hour later the radio was talking +1 C.  Then it started to snow and blow and tonight it is to go down to -23 C.  I look across the river from my home and this is what I see.  I can only imagine how bad it must be out on the roads, especially farther south where they are not surrounded by trees to break the wind.  Needless to say, a lot of my out of town patients called in unable to come because of the weather.

Because of cancellations at the office giving me an extra free hour just before noon, I came home for lunch.  Up pulled a car – my daughter and friends decided to see what they could scrounge up for lunch at my house.  Today was early dismissal from school.  I had a funny feeling that my daughter might decide to skip this afternoon’s classes as I headed back to work.  Sure enough.  She called later and wondered what to make for supper.

“So”, I said, “Did you go back to school this afternoon?” 
“Well, no, not exactly”  she told me. 

Honest at least.  Although I’m not sure just how “not exactly” works as a modifier to “no”.

She still hasn’t figured out how mothers know, just know, some things. 

So a lot of little chores are going to get done around our house – starting with the cat litter.

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0 responses to “On blizzards and being busted

  1. Cathy J

    Linea – the cat litter is a GREAT place to start. I think that is why we have kept a cat over the years!

  2. Sharon

    Well now, next time she skips, send her over to the “six-cat-house”….now THAT’S litter…..oh, the lessons yet to be learned about litter……