New look coming

Randall is doing some very nice stuff with giving this site a completely new look.  I think it won’t be long till you get to see the changes.  And I am excited about them.  He’s designed a page that is exactly what I would have done if I had the smarts to do this kind of thing myself. Well, you will see – just wait.

Remember those old cards where you had to use a soft lead pencil to mark in the right circle so those big old computers in the far distant past could be fed the right data?  That is the era of my youth.  Now I can sit down and just type – using software that is so easy like this from Leighton at Prairie Fusion.  It lets me do things I would never have dreamed of even a few years ago.  And I find it a lot of fun, this getting creative with words and pictures.

So all you computer geeks out there – thanks – from someone who finds doing a root canal a lot easier than putting things into code!

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  1. Toni

    Linea – I’m very glad there are people around that can do root canal work instead of coding. And a myriad of other things too.

  2. Yes indeed, she is the best root canaler I’ve ever experienced!!

    Bar none.