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It has been a long day

It has been a very long day. 

Grace had a race in Saskatoon at 9 am which meant she had to be at the field house by 8:00, which meant we had to leave PA by 6:00, which meant I had to be up by 5:00.  Now that is not all that unusual an hour for me to be up – but not on my day off! 

We got down to Saskatoon in good time.  The roads were great, the sky was clear and the moon is just barely starting to wane so it was a nice drive.

Grace placed 17th in her race which was one short of placing in the semi-finals.  She stayed in Saskatoon since she is supposed to race tomorrow as well.  Not sure if she will run or not. 

Got home early afternoon, took a very short nap and then went over to my office to do some work for my niece.  They live in Cochrane but I am doing some orthodontics for her so it gives them an excuse to come about once a month to visit and see Dad as well.

Then Sara had a soccer game at 6:00 that I wanted to see at least a part of and Christian called to say that he was part of a concert at 7:30.  So I went from the soccer game to Ecole Valois to hear the concert for IMPAC.  IMPAC stands for something in French. It is a workshop to promote music in the French language so some professional musicians from Radio Canada come for the weekend and work with wanna be musicians and songwriters.  Tonight was their concert and Christian was part of the back-up band.  I guess he will be involved with this again in the morning.

And Sara’s team won their game against North Battleford 12-1 so they will be playing  tomorrow either at 11 or 1:00. 

So no grocery shopping has gotten done this weekend, no housecleaning and Leo has had to be enlisted to do the laundry.  Good thing he is versatile!  He’s done a good DAD job this weekend.

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