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Getting the silent treatment

You know sometimes I cause trouble just by being the mom.  I don’t know exactly what I did tonight but something happened to cause a lot of tears. 

Lots of tears but very few words – at least not to me!  She has been on the phone for hours but to me – well lets just say pulling teeth is a whole lot easier than getting her to talk – even wisdom teeth!

I don’t even know how I caused this particular incident – it seems to have begun before I even got home from work.  I just walked in to a kid visibly upset, asked what was wrong and got tears.  And the cold shoulder.  And the silent treatment.

So when I told her “no” she could not stay out past 11 tonight I shouldn’t have been surprised when I went from being a horrible mom to being the worlds most horrible mom.  Oh the joys of parenthood.

I think she liked it that I offered to drive her to Saskatoon anyways so she could go to her track meet Saturday – even if I am horrible.  Maybe the trip will be long enough so she will talk.  We can have really good days and then days like today. 

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