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The Internet in Africa

Jordon talks about how the internet and blogging could be a good way to provide a hearing for indiginous voices.  There is an article on the UNESCO site that speaks to the use of the internet in Africa.  Just remember that Africa is a big place and there is so much diversity in access to telephones and the internet.  But technological progress is slowly being made even in the face of conflict.  Link 

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Some of my winter work

Four scarves, three pairs of mits.  That has been my knitting production this winter so far.  I start a toque tomorrow – maybe tonight, we’ll see how time goes. 

This is the scarf I knit for Grace.

Todays completed scarf went to Annette – one of my most wonderful daughters-in-law. 

Snow falling today covered everything in a soft white blanket and it was even warm enough to appreciate the beauty outside.  It was warm enough to begin to think of spring.  Only two more months till it gets all sloppy and brown in the streets. 

I have to get the toque done before it isn’t needed any more – not that I wish for the warm weather to wait!

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