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Tonight I have been busy – not much time to spend in front of the computer.  Worship practice and then coffee with a friend and a good long chat. 

I have been reading Blue Like Jazz again – I picked up a few copies so I could give some away.  As the book opens Donald Millar says in his first paragraph;

“I am early in my story, but I believe I will stretch out into eternity, and in heaven I will reflect upon these early days, these days when it seemed God was down a dirt road, walking toward me.  Years ago he was a swinging speck in the distance; now He is close enough I can hear His singing.  Soon I will see the lines on His face.”

It just occured to me that “close enough to hear His singing” is already a sweet place to be.  And as He gets closer how much better it will become still.

Maybe friendship and a good chat is a small preview of heaven too.

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0 responses to “Just a quote

  1. Toni

    Close enough to hear him singing sounds to much an alternative euphemism for ‘1 foot in the grave’ 😉

  2. Linea


    I think it is rather a euphenism for hearing His voice and that is indeed a good place to be on the road.

    “1 foot in the grave” doesn’t have quite the right conotation.:-)

  3. Cathy J

    Maybe it depends on what song He is singing! 🙂