Cozy and quiet

This afternoon, I spent a good part of the time sitting in my office chair – it’s a big old recliner, not a work chair – reading.  The CD player was on and I listened to U2, a Worship Together disc and Joshua Bell’s Gershwin Fantasy.  In the living room are three sleepers – Dave, Annette and Kieran, our grandson.  This is the way I love Sunday afternoon’s to be.  Lots of good reading time, cozy and quiet.  And I was commenting to Leo that it feels good to have our kids home under our roof.  Its one of the nicest things about having them return to worship with us – besides the faith which is coming to life in them – these Sunday dinners together and then a quiet lazy afternoon.

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  1. Toni

    Sounds idyllic.

    We had Sarah’s (non-christian) boyfriend over yesterday afternoon. Came to church with us too (great) and although the meeting was a little odd, the worship seemed good (touched me anyway). I managed to resist the temptation to dive in and ask “what did you think?”. I’m sure he’ll talk and ask if he wants too.

    Had a funny moment too, yesterday, with them. They were sat on the settee in our living room, with Sarah going through a jewellery catalogue, looking for ear rings. I wandered in, and it looked like she was looking at RINGS. I passed the comment “isn’t it a little early to be looking for a ring?”. Result – a couple of mildly pink faces and a daughter trying to hit her father 😉

    Parenthood – you’ve got to laugh sometimes.