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Working it all out – stressful business

Today was another school day – up at Vincent Massey checking on kids teeth again.  Today only 28 little and bigger mouths to check – not like two weeks ago when we hit an alltime record of 57. 

But after checking out teeth came the more difficult part of my job – helping to deal with some conflict that has been building between staff. 

They say that Scandinavian people do not deal well with conflict – that part of me that is Swedish sure doesn’t.  I hate it.  It is stressful and generally makes me feel depressed even if I have no part in the conflict. 

So that is what I was doing for the last two hours of my day.  Actually, I have been working on this particular problem since the middle of December.  Collected some data, talked to some of those involved and wrote up a small report.  I’m glad I did that background work.  It gave us a starting point in our discussion and since I tried to focus on how we were falling short of meeting certain objectives rather than on the personality clashes, we had a non-threatening document to look at.  It helped us to have some positive common goals to strive to reach.  Rather than focus on the failures of part of the team to meet expectations, we were able to consider ways to solve the problem and meet our goals. 

Now all I have to do is sit down with the administrator and work out a way to put some changes into effect.  Then we have to try and get the two people with the hardest heads to work together. 

Well, can’t say we don’t have high ideals! 

You know, getting women to work together in peace is tough.  I hope I can say that since I am a woman.  Men seem to look at conflicts such as this more objectively and fight and get over it or get out, I think.  The women I have to deal with – employees and other women I supervise – seem to harbor such grudges and stew over them longer.

Me – well I just store it up till I’m home.  Then watch out kids and hubby!  You may be the first moving targets I see and you are going to get fired on.

Of course now I can blog about it and get rid of all that stress.


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