Wash those hands

Leo scared them enough to make the front page again.  This time he is talking about the flu pandemic of which he says “it’s not a matter of if, but when, the pandemic will occur”.

If you read the Prince Albert herald you can read it all on the front page.  Most of you are not so priviledged – so sad.

Anyway to those of you out there suffering now from the flu – what you have is not the big one.  But next year get that flu shot.  And please wash your hands!!!

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  1. I had to go out to get Thomas from school today. So I got in the car and with all the “Leave the car running” times in the past week, I was out of gas. So I went to get gas and saw the front page of the paper. And I thought, soon as he’s done being church chair, he’s out there stirring up the city pot.

    Good for him, gets people washing more…

    I think I’m rambling..

    If I had taken any, I’d say it was the meds.

  2. Toni

    ‘Back in the day’ I used to grow ‘flu virus in eggs. However it wasn’t the ‘flu virus that had us washing our hands – we had a nice line in Chlamydia too (yeah, I know it’s a rickettsiae). Not something you wanted to take home with you 😉

    Better still, the ‘high security block’ was basically a building built round a large stainless steel tank. All the doors had interlocks, and you showered in and out.