Parenting is such a complicated job.  Just when you seem to be going along well, up comes some huge snag and all the answers you thought you had just don’t seem to be relevant any more. 

All I really hope to do is give my kids a solid basis on which to make good decisions.  But it seems that I come across as grumpy half the time and who wants to follow a model that is grumpy?

It is so much easier to be a dentist than a parent.  I do what I know how to do – what I’ve been trained to do.  I can do it well and I can find out how to do things if I am uncertain or if there are new methods.  I have textbooks, continuing education courses and lots of information.  So I can confidently do what I do to the best of my ability and feel good about it.

I have no idea if I am doing the right things as a parent.  I barge in and do what I think is right and seem to make mistakes left, right and center.  And I have no idea if I am actually making mistakes even. 

Anyone have the latest manual?

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  1. Sharon

    You mean the latest edition?

  2. isin’t it a kicker that just about the time you become an expert at it, the kids leave home?

  3. Sharon

    OOps, I didn’t read your word “latest”. Disregard my last comment!! But, ya, looks like our manuals should be individually made for each of our kids, but it seems we’re too busy to even read one if we did have one, when we’re in the midst of parenting. Now that mine are grown, I don’t need one…….hee hee

  4. Toni

    Oh, it’s nothing a large stick can’t fix 😉

    Serious though, be encouraged. The fact that you barge in shows that you really do care, rather than just leaving them to get on. Payback is further down the line, but it will be there.