My volunteer duty

I spent this afternoon at the soccer centre.  It was my volunteeer duty to be the first aid person for the city wide tournament that was going on. As far as volunteer activities, this is one of the easiest I think.  You have to have first aid training to do it.  Actually the coach of one of the teams was one of the physicians in town so I figured we had most of the emergencies covered pretty well for that game.  And of course nothing happened of any consequence. 

Doing the first aid stint is our substitute for working a bingo.  A lot of things bother us about the dependence of sports on the existance of gambling in one form or another.  So we try to do whatever we can to avoid the inevitable bingo obligations that come with almost any sports activities for kids.  We can pay out our obligation so we usually do. Lots of parents can’t afford to pay off the extra fees.  But it just bothers me that gambling is such a pervasive thing in our society.  And I hate the way that kids are almost taught to be dependant on it too if they want to be in sports.  If it isn’t the parents having to work bingos, it is the kids having to sell some kind of lottery tickets or 50/50 tickets themselves. 

Buying lottery tickets has come to be such an accepted “normal ” thing to do.  When I decline the chance to buy my share of a ticket at work when everyone is pitching in, I am the one who feels a bit guilty.  As if I am refusing to be one of the group.  It just seems to me that if I succumb I will just be starting down the slippery slope of accepting this as normal.  And it is such a false hope, gambling is.

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  1. Toni

    Hang in there Linea. You’re right about the whole gambling thing – outside the church few seem to understand that there’s a problem. Even within, there are those that haven’t quite grasped why ‘gambling’ has missed the point.

  2. Sharon

    Yep, I just, once again, missed my chance to win 30 mil (or portion thereof). I said that I will have to just run the office myself if everyone else leaves with their cash…… I’m with you, Linea!! We’ll just have to work for a living!! Kind of shows where people put their hope though, doesn’t it?